reVITALize with The Rev. Dr. Jeff Crittenden

What will it take to revitalize the church? Doug and Dave sit down with Rev. Dr. Jeff Crittenden of the Centre for Practical Theology to discuss thoughts and reflections on the recent event hosted by Metropolitan and First-St. Andrew's United Churches in London, Ontario.

What Does Love Look Like? with Pam Rocker

Doug and Dave are joined by award-winning writer and activist, Pam Rocker, for a conversation about LGBTQ+ activism, the church, dancing with Jesus, and pie! Recorded at London Conference Youth Forum 2018.

Bryan Sirchio - Convergence Music

Dave is joined by Bryan Sirchio, author of The 6 Marks of Progressive Christian Worship Music and Lead Designer for the Convergence Music Project ( to talk about church music, theology, and convergence Christianity. Episode includes the CMP song, "All Belong Here" by The Many.

We're Back!

New episodes starting next week. While you wait, enjoy the Top Ten Reasons for the podcast hiatus!