Easter Nonsense

Dave and Doug reflect on the Easter Sunday text from Luke 24 and ponder the "nonsense" of Easter in the midst of Holy Week. Quotes from Jürgen Moltmann's, "In the End—The Beginning" and we also reference Richard Rohr (from this video) and Joni Sancken's new book, "Words that Heal"

You want me to do what, Jesus?

Doug and Dave reflect on the Palm Sunday text from Luke 19 and consider the deeper meaning of God's call for us to join the story.

Use it Up feat. Jane Beattie

Doug and Dave discuss abundance, scarcity, Mary's nard, and more as they explore the passage from John 12:1-8. Featured conversation: Doug sits down with entrepreneur, @BagLadyVariety, Jane Beattie. 

I Have A Voice feat. Jennifer Wenn

Dave sits down for a conversation with trans identified poet, Jennifer Wenn. We explore what it means to hear that voice of love—a voice that empowers us to live more fully into who we are.

Fig Trees, Stinky Car Rides, and Tidying Up

In today's episode, Doug, Dave, and Isaac explore the Parable of the Fig Tree from Luke 13. We talk about death and new life, stinky car rides with the kids, and tidying up.

Oil, Vinegar, and Prophetic Voices

Dave and Doug explore the reading from Luke 13:31-35 as we consider the relationship between the joy and pain of living. Christine Sharpe, blogger at fortyfivethings.com, invites us to ponder the metaphor of oil and vinegar in relation to healing and feeling. 

News on the Pod!

Dave and Doug share news on the podcast. Stay tuned for new weekly episodes!